Met This Girl the Other Day

I was down at the shops on White Street the other day and I met this girl. She was at the counter of the drug store and I was looking for something for a cold. At any rate we had to wait in line a long time and she was telling to to try this stuff called co q 10. Of course she swore that the stuff worked, but I could not find any of it there. At any rate she sent me down the street to some other shop and went along with me. It was a bit weird to put it mildly, but this girl was really sweet. Of course she was also quite attractive. Continue reading Met This Girl the Other Day

Just Got a Little House in Ridgewood

Meg and I have been looking around for Home Furnishings and decor. We have bought a house and it has been decided that our stuff is not really worth moving for the better part. I have been waiting for the painter in Ridgewood NJ to find the time to come over and do the main room. It was going to be a family project, but Meg and I decided that the two of us were not very good at painting. The back rooms we did and we just were not all that happy with the results when we were finished. It was just not all that great. Of course the part of the house we painted is not going to be open to most visitors. So the people are not going to be able to see what a poor job we did on the bedrooms. We figure that it is not going to be all that expensive just to have the pros paint the living room and the dining room, along with the foyer and the hallways.

We are trying to figure out what we want to do with the bathrooms. Continue reading Just Got a Little House in Ridgewood

The Amazing Power of Traditional Medicine

Although the topic of orthopedics may be confusing to some, it really just boils down to things that deal with the skeletal system. For those unaware, the skeletal system is hugely vital and can play a major role in many different problems and ailments. Simply put, orthopedic physicians are extremely important and anyone that has received help from one can likely vouch for that. Modern medicine has taught us a lot about this system and the ways we can interact with it, but some traditional practices have also shown great insight. One orthopaedic in singapore has a quality staff that specializes specifically in Traditional Chinese Medicine dealing with these problems.

The first reaction to this concept for many people is skepticism, which is not completely unjustified with the way that some businesses and practices seem to abuse people’s lack of understanding in the subject. Continue reading The Amazing Power of Traditional Medicine

I Love the Way I Look So Natural

I have always cared about the way I look physically. I have always made sure that I looked polished and vibrant. I rarely have gone without using cosmetics, and I have always made sure that my hair is styled well. And nobody even knows when I have my natural hair extensions in my hair. It is all part of the illusion and it makes me happy. Other say I look good too, so I must be doing something right.

Every day, I make sure to follow a daily regimen to keep myself looking good. I get up early, and I give myself a face massage. It really makes a difference and leaves me feeling stress free before work each day. Then, I clean my face well, use a toner and then put on my makeup. I only use high end brands so that I don’t put nasty chemicals on my face.

When I’m done, I start working on my hair. I always wash my hair the night before so that it is soft and curly when I wake up in the morning. Then, I pull out a box I have with a variety of hair extensions in it. They are all made out of human hair and they are beautiful. I have some for the days that I want to have straight hair. I have some others for days when I want to wear my hair wavy or even curly. I just attach them to my own natural hair and then style as normal. I can use a blow dryer on it to help shape them. I can use curlers or even a curling iron as well. I can brush my hair throughout the day as normal, pull the hair back in barrettes, wear a headband or even pull it back into a ponytail.

Rates and Other Electricity Information

I am pretty fascinated by the number of different options you have to choose from when you decide to get an electricity service hooked up at a house in Texas. it is far different than most of the states in the country, and there are a lot of things to consider when picking a company. I am realizing this now, as I read over the information on and some of the comparisons between companies that they have available for you to read over. I did not really do a lot of research when I picked a company in the first place, and now it seems to me that might have been a mistake on my part.

I do not know if I would have saved much money by going with another company over the one that I picked. But it does seem pretty possible. I do not want to dwell on it right now, because it might not be the case, and plus I have other things on my mind right now. Perhaps most importantly is the fact that I am going to be going to bed before long, and I need to come up with a good idea for a snack before bed.

I am pretty starving and I do not want to go bed while I am still hungry. There is a piece of pizza that is in the fridge and I can hear it calling my name. But unfortunately, it is just a slice of cheese pizza. But still, it is a deep dish pizza and it would be kind of tasty. But I don’t really like eating pizza before I go to bed, because sometimes it makes me wake up in the middle of the night with a tummy ache. That is always a terrible experience to endure.

How I Chose My Energy Company

I know that there are a lot of people who feel that companies that are formed in the 2000s are not as stable as companies that have been around since the 1900s or even earlier. Thankfully, I am not one of those people. I know that there is something to be said about companies that have proven they have staying power, but I also know that newer companies can be just as solid if not more so. A useful reference that I referred to when I was choosing which energy company I wanted to go with helped me choose one that has only been in business since 2006.

Ambit Energy has very humble beginnings that started with a vision from the two founders. Continue reading How I Chose My Energy Company

Roofs Are Really Very Important

Everyone that owns a house owns a roof, that’s just the way that it is. A roof is part of a home but it is part of a home that not many of us actually sit down and think about. We all know that we need to check our foundation yearly, but none of us really ever get our roof checked. Trust me, especially if you are in NY finding roof repair in NYC is no easy task. In fact it is one of the hardest things that you might ever have to do to your house. Continue reading Roofs Are Really Very Important

Social Media and the English Language

The English language is ever adapting to the slang of each generation, and ever more so as technology progresses. With new technology such as “smart phones” and “tablets”, people are sending messages, responding to emails and posting on social media sites on the go. Since this has aptly been deemed the “Now” generation, everything is considered to be needed now. Every piece of information must be downloaded or uploaded as fast as possible and reach the largest possible audience. It is no longer enough to just have friends on Facebook if you want to be anyone in the social media frenzy of today. You must also have acquaintances who follow you on every social media site out there, you must the most “likes” to get the recognition and more followers.

The language of the internet is all about who know, who knows you, and how many people you can get to do your bidding. The biggest change to the English language because of this need for speed online, is the new slang for the internet. Continue reading Social Media and the English Language

How the English Language and Social Media Affect One Another

One of the constants of modern life is the complaint that no one knows how to speak or write properly any longer. There are always people decrying the negative effect that modern technology has on language and gloomily predicting that in a few decades, we will live in a society of illiterates who can barely string two words together. What such gloomy prophecies ignore is the simple fact that language is always in a state of perpetual flux. It is not and cannot be fixed in place, unchanging and permanent. New technologies obviously affect how we speak and write, yet most of us are unaware that many of our own linguistic habits are equally the result of technological changes.

As more and more people spend time communicating through social media, these communication channels have obviously begun to affect how we speak and write. Ironically, despite the fears of growing illiteracy, more and more communication is being done through the written word. Being able to write clearly and understandably is a skill of great value in the era of the Internet. If you cannot communicate your meaning through the written word, you will have great trouble interacting online. The better a writer you are, the better you will do online.

However, many habits that made perfect sense in a world of fixed texts printed on paper do not make so much sense in a digital word where all texts are ephemeral. There is little reason to obsess over the minutiae of grammar or spelling when your message will be deleted within a few minutes. Instead, those who use social media tend to focus on speed and concision, so that the maximum amount of information can be communicated with the minimum number of characters. Worrying too much about when to use a comma will only prevent you from staying in touch with people using social media.